Suntech International Easy Gloss Polish from International Decorator Supply
Easy Gloss is the easiest to use polish available. It forms an optically perfect molecular bond over the surface to increase light reflection. It cleans away oxidation in one easy application. Easy Gloss is the perfect polish for all glossy painted and plastic surfaces. Use it on cars, planes, motorcycles, spas, pinball machines, shower enclosures, boats and jet skis. Easy Gloss hides hazing and hair-lining in old paint. Easy - Wipe - On, Easy - Wipe - Off. Easy gloss cleans as it polishes. Just apply with a soft cloth and let it dry. There is no hurry to wipe it off with a cotton towel for a perfect shine. Easy Gloss applies fast - normally 30 minutes for a car. A product of Suntech International Easy gloss is formulated for resistance to the tough Florida sun. Easy Gloss blocks harmful UV rays and seals against pollution, salt and detergents. Get some for your car now!

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